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I am very excited to meet you and begin our story! I cannot wait to learn you from head to toe!


  • Don't be shy! Send outfit requests or special requests for our time together as soon as you can. This is OUR time, lets make it special!

  • You will have plenty of notice to commute! I will immediately advise you of the general area we are meeting at upon receipt of the deposit. I will than send you the direct address no more than 2 hours proir to our date. Please try not to arrive too early for discretion. Once you arrive please message me, and remain in your vehicle, until further instructions are provided. 

  • No need to discuss financials and kill our good vibes! Present your cash donations within the first few moments of meeting in an envelope, card, or gift bag on the bathroom counter.


  • Hygiene is very important to your health and mine! A Shower and a toothbrush will be provided for you to quickly rinse off prior to the festivities.


  • Let's have fun! It's Mandatory! 

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